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“Of course we want to become more independent. The goal is to produce for our own brand. It is true, the bigger Cognac houses do not really like that strategy. Today we export our CognacChâteau des Plassons to the US and Canada, Belgium and perhaps others will follow. We know it is important to concentrate on China, they are a ‘brand country’, but it is not that easy to enter that market. To give you an idea: If you want to make a deal with an American import company, you perhaps meet them three times. If you want to set something up with the Chinese, you’ll have to see them at least 10 times and still you are not sure whether the whole thing works out or not.”

Not only the brand and marketing plans are developing – a lot is still in progress at the Château: The roof of the distillery is about to be remade, certain machines have to be replaced or repaired – it has only been some months the brothers took over. They are about to restructure certain things. But one very important thing stays the same: the alembics (pot stills) from 1922. I had never seen one like it before. There are three pot stills at the domaine: One new alembic at a capacity of 25 hectolitres and two old alembics at each 11,75 hectolitre capacity.

18 meters Printing machine
Printing factory

Printing the labels 1 

Paper stock
Two kilometer paper roll 
Printing machine

Vineyard and Castle

※ Vineyard and Castle view
※ Grape Tree-For making Cognac
※ Castle-Traditional European style

※ Castle in Summer and Blue sky

※ Maintain the traditional wine

※ Being mature in the oak cask
※ The advanced bottling
※ Display room in the Castle

Filling factory

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