Stills and barrels



All I really know is (I read this in a book, which lies in front of the fireplace at my father’s house) that the building was built by a preacher from Aubeterre in the 16th century.

The chateau then got handed over to Nicolas Raymond, after that to Antoine Brides – a bourgeois of Montmoreau; then taken over by his niece Marguerite Gandillaud and so on and so forth. The domaine changed owners a few more times, including a time when nobody really knows who the owner was, until it finally fell into the hands of the Hennessy family. They again sold it to someone else and in 2008 two young brothers appear in Bors-Montomoreau and acquire the 30 hectares Cognac property. So what’s that story all about?

I stop the car to shoot some pictures from far away. While concentrating on taking the picture, I realize that I forgot to pull the handbrake and that the car is moving down the path without me! I run after it and get into the car, hoping nobody has seen me from the chateau. How embarrassing, this must have looked quite ridiculous.


Now I am entering the courtyard, the house looks interesting – 15th century I will learn later. Noticing several towers dominating the style of the buildings, I park my car in the courtyard.

That moment Julien Pannaud steps out of the door and welcomes me.

Vineyard and Castle

※ Vineyard and Castle view
※ Grape Tree-For making Cognac
※ Castle-Traditional European style

※ Castle in Summer and Blue sky

※ Maintain the traditional wine

※ Being mature in the oak cask
※ The advanced bottling
※ Display room in the Castle

Filling factory

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