Sep 14

Showroom in the Castle



I take the car and get on my way to a “lieu dit” Château des Plassons on a Sunday afternoon in March 2010. I had heard that two young brothers took over a Cognac distillery nearby. Interesting, I thought. The estate is only about 15 kilometers away from our home, so not a big deal to get there. Listening to Beethoven I drive through the landscape of the Bon Bois area of Charente. It really is so beautiful.

Arriving in Bors-de-Montmoreau, signs guide me to my destination. The first impression of the Château is impressive: A long tree-lined road leads to the entry of the courtyard; it is pretty majestic. At the left and the right hand one discovers vineyards; I assumed they must belong to the property.

Testing room
VSOP front
XO side



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Vineyard and Castle

※ Vineyard and Castle view
※ Grape Tree-For making Cognac
※ Castle-Traditional European style

※ Castle in Summer and Blue sky

※ Maintain the traditional wine

※ Being mature in the oak cask
※ The advanced bottling
※ Display room in the Castle

Filling factory

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