Sep 14

In oak barrels



Julien’s wife tells me about their plans to set up a holiday rental house, a Gîte. This might be a good idea as agrotourism and holidays on wine farms have been becoming pretty popular lately. They tell me about how they benefit from the not far away Aubeterre, one of UNESCO’s world heritage towns said to be one of the most beautiful towns in France.

I like these people, they have big plans, stopped something they were not at all made for and started something totally different.

“Sometimes it’s also a bit hard. Before we lived in Paris, now in the countryside. You also have to make some sacrifices. But it’s definitely worth it.”



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Vineyard and Castle

※ Vineyard and Castle view
※ Grape Tree-For making Cognac
※ Castle-Traditional European style

※ Castle in Summer and Blue sky

※ Maintain the traditional wine

※ Being mature in the oak cask
※ The advanced bottling
※ Display room in the Castle

Filling factory

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