Winery introduct

This brand of Cognac and Pineau has been developed by two brothers who were born in the Charente region of France. In their early years, David and Julien grew up in the vineyard and represent today the third generation to carry out the family’s tradition of producing fine wines and cognacs.

Concerned about succeeding socially and professionally, David and Julien left the vineyards for a while to pursue their university studies. The former followed his passion for history as a teacher; the latter found himself progressing through the financial department of a Parisian company.

Their vocation to the vineyard proved to be much stronger than their individual careers. They decided to change direction and launch their own activity in the grand and very precious family tradition: the production of cognac!

Highly motivated to succeed, David and Julien distinguish themselves ...


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Vineyard and Castle

※ Vineyard and Castle view
※ Grape Tree-For making Cognac
※ Castle-Traditional European style

※ Castle in Summer and Blue sky

※ Maintain the traditional wine

※ Being mature in the oak cask
※ The advanced bottling
※ Display room in the Castle

Filling factory

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